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Whether you're looking for a GM or VP, Thorens Solutions will find the right leader to take your SME to new heights.

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For over 16 years, Thorens Solutions - Executive Search has been helping small and medium-sized businesses from Quebec and Ontario to recruit top executives.

We know that recruiting a General Manager to ensure the succession or to help you grow your business is crucial to its success.

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Our expertise allows us to identify the best leaders in your industry. We take the time to assess leadership, motivation and skills specific to your business context before presenting a candidate to you. With Thorens Solutions, you can be confident of receiving only the best candidates.

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Find the Right Executive for your Business

Depending on your business context, the profile you'll need may vary: you could recruit a General Manager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Vice President if your needs are at the level of operations and day-to-day business management.

If your needs are more specific to business development and growth, you may need a VP Sales, VP Partnerships or Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

At Thorens Solutions, we know how to adapt our search angles to target the right candidates, whatever the type of profile you're looking for.

Working with our Executive Recruiters means...

  • To receive targeted resumes within 2 to 4 weeks
  • To receive a service based on trust and transparency
  • To benefit from rigorous follow-ups throughout the process
  • To benefit from a 1 year guarantee on SME General Manager placements

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