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The advantages

  • Our clients

At Thorens Solutions, we work with a variety of high-quality companies which include SMEs, big companies, cities, township, NPOs, association and universities. We carefully select our clients for the challenges they offer, their reputation and the quality of the work environment offered to their employees.

  • Our Specialties

At Thorens Solutions – Headhunters, we’ve specialized in engineering, IT, and executive and professional position in a variety of industries for over 16 years: food processing, manufacturing, engineering consulting, technologies, construction, distribution, sales, finance and more. Don’t hesitate to send us your resume!

Our Approach

  • Understanding your motivations

Before we even present you with an opportunity, our recruiter will ask you about your professional motivations, the type of challenges you are looking for and your career ambitions. It is important for us to understand what motivates you professionally to present you with an opportunity that truly meets your expectations.

At Thorens Solutions – Headhunters, confidentiality is one of our ethical values. Know that all the information you send will always remain confidential!

  • Understanding your needs

Our recruiters will seek to understand your professional needs, always with the goal of evaluating the compatibility between your profile and the opportunity that we have to present you. They will ask you about your salary expectations, the type of work environment you are looking for and, if any, the dissatisfaction you may face on a daily basis in your current job.

Our process

Submit Your Resume

Let us know about your professional background. You will be contacted as soon as a suitable position becomes available for you.

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Receiving the job description

Does one of our opportunities meet your expectations? Receive the job description and take the time to think about it.

Phone Interview

Tell us about yourself: your ambitions, your needs, your motivations and your expectations. What kinds of positions and challenges are you looking for?

Complete Virtual Interview

Curious to learn more? Meet our recruiter for a full virtual interview. Discuss your profile and receive all the details about the position and the company.

Interested in pursuing the process and meeting our client?

Your profile will be submitted to our client as soon as you confirm your interest. Throughout the process, you will benefit from support and advice from our recruiter.

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Submit your resume in just a few minutes and complete your profile details later. If you do not have an up-to-date CV, you can simply send us your LinkedIn profile and complete the rest of the details later.