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Our commitment : to connect exceptional candidates who will make a difference with employers of choice. Because your business and needs are unique, we work with you to identify every distinctive element which sets you apart, and act as true ambassadors for your organization.

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Meet Jérôme, he’s THE candidate you’ve been searching for:

He has the expertise you’re looking for

He’s stable

His career level is consistent with the role you’re offering

He lives close to your office

His personality is the perfect fit for your team

He has a job and is not actively looking, but he is part of our network.

Let him know about your opportunity: Contact our headhunters.

Our specialties


Manufacturing engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering...


General Manager, Assistant Général Manager, Program Director...


CEO, VP, Director (operations, production, R&D, finances, HR)...


AI, Data scientist, Software Engineer, IT Manager, developers and programmers...

Our network

No matter the rarity or the complexity of the desired profile, we will find your candidate thanks to:

  • A network of candidates and rich data bases.
  • Significant web and social media visibility
  • Cutting-edge research tools and executive search techniques
  • Our knowledge of the job market and its challenges
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Our state-of-the-art candidate approach is what attracts the best candidates to work with Thorens Solutions
  • A unique, respectful and responsive candidate approach
  • A personalized initial contact by phone, no mass email!
  • An approach that emphasizes on the job description, the challenges and your culture, rather than the salary.
Selection tools

How do our headhunters make sure we found the perfect candidate for you?

  • A high quality and complete process: two interviews, references, psychometric test
  • Data analysis based on proven scientific tools and concepts
  • Analysis of the candidate capacity to integrate your team
  • Comprehensive analysis of the compatibility between the needs and motivation of the candidate with your opportunity
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They found the perfect candidate working with Thorens - Executive Search in Montreal

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