Directed Electronics

Industry type: IT

We have actively participated in the hiring of candidates with rare and specific IT profiles, since the opening of their Montreal office. Among them: Embedded Systems Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, DevOps Engineering and Team Leader positions.

Positions filled for Directed :

- Software Developer Team Leader

- Senior Software Validation Specialist

- Senior System Validation Specialist

- 3 Embedded Software Developers (Interfaces)

- iOS Mobile Application Developer

- Interface Developer

- Senior Android Developer

Implemented a few years ago, their Montreal office homes their software development team and new products.

Recently acquired by VOXX International Corporation, we have continued our relationship with their team and keep supporting them for highly qualified positions in the field of IoTs.

Software Developer Team Leader

Job Description:

The Embedded and Windows Software Developer Team Leader works closely with the Interface, Electronics and Validation teams that develop products for the automotive market. This challenging position particularly involves the development of next generation technologies to connect to vehicle electronic systems, the development of tools for engineering test automation and production jig development.

Embedded Software Developer

Job Description: 

Reporting to the Interface Team Leader, the Embedded Software Developer collaborates with the Hardware and Interface teams to develop the next generation of technologies that interface with vehicle electronic systems and the IoT network. He is also responsible for working jointly with other software teams to integrate embedded products into mobile applications and telematics systems.

iOS Mobile Application Developer

Job Description:

The iOS Mobile Application Developer works integrally with a multi-disciplinary team, developing scalable telematics ecosystems that include embedded devices, back end servers, web portals/applications (front end) and mobile applications.

About the company :

Directed Electronics is an American company and a pioneer in the field of intelligent vehicles technologies and geomatics.


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