De Castel

Industry type: Distribution

In the past year, we helped De Castel recruit a SME's GM, in addition to supporting them, since 2016, in the recruitment of strategic positions for their company. Always striving for continuous improvement, the company also relies on Thorens Solutions for HR consulting services.

Positions filled for De Castel :

- General Manager

- Sales Engineer

- Industrial Representative

- Technical Representative

As the 2nd generation of the family business wished to take early retirement, De Castel determined that they needed a General Manager to look after day-to-day and financial affairs.

In an ever-changing market and with a complex business model, it was imperative for the company to have a recruitment partner who understood their specific business context.

The profile required for their GM was someone with engineering experience, capable of driving a transformation to make the company more resilient. The General Manager also needed to have a good understanding of the technical aspects of the company's products and business model.

Despite the specific profile required, we were able to quickly find a new GM for De Castel. Throughout the recruitment process, we also supported the company by providing interview material and advice on the job description, salary scale and profile required.

General Manager

Job Description:

Reporting to the President, the General Manager is responsible for optimizing the organization's operational efficiency.

The GM manages sales and business growth, while ensuring that the most profitable products and services are prioritized for commercialization and production. The General Manager strategically analyzes market trends, demand, parts and equipment availability with the help of his management team. He is responsible for all departments within the organization.

About the company :

De Castel is a distributor of various vehicles washing equipment, well established for 50 years. The 30-employee SME has an excellent reputation in its field, and has won several awards recognizing the quality of its products and services.

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