Lignum Veneer

Industry type: Manufacturing

We have recruited several positions for Lignum Veneer, including a General Manager.

Positions filled for Lignum Veneer :

- General Manager

- Production Planner

- Engineering Manager

- Production Supervisor

As the President wanted to spend more time on other projects, he needed to create a new position and recruit a General Manager to manage the company's day-to-day operations and strong growth.

The company was looking for an executive with experience in plant management, and who could establish a strategic plan as well as an internal team development plan. The profile they were looking for had to have strong management skills in order to handle both the general management of the company and relations with the company's major accounts. He needed to have a strategic overview of procurement, production operations, sales, finance and process improvement.

The General Manager was supported by a strong and stable management team acting within a Board of Directors. So the new SME executive had to be a team player, a good listener and a visionary.

We quickly found an executive who matched the profile they were looking for.

General Manager

Job Description:

The General Manager's mandate is to manage sales and business growth while prioritizing the marketing and production of the most profitable products.

He strategically analyzes market trends, demand, raw material availability and ensures production with the help of his management team. He is responsible for all departments within the organization, with support from the President for procurement, engineering and capital projects.

About the company :

Lignum Veneers is a manufacturing company that has been in business for over 20 years, producing wood products for industrial customers in North America. Renowned for its craftsmanship and product quality, the company's activities are constantly growing.

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