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For over 16 years, Thorens Executive Search Recruiters have supported Quebec and Ontario SMEs and municipalities in the recruitment of strategic positions. Our in-depth knowledge of the job market positions us as a major ally in recruiting the best profiles.

Our recruiters are experts in complex and technical fields such as IT, AI, engineering and construction. Our clients call on us to recruit highly strategic executive and professional management positions, across a variety of industries such as sales, finance, human resources and governance in NPOs.

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Discover our specialties

Take advantage of our vast network of qualified candidates, our technical expertise in professional and executive search and our cutting-edge search tools to find the candidate who fully meets your business needs.

SME - General Manager


With over 16 years of experience in executive recruitment, our recruiters will find the right General Manager for your SME.

Information Technology


Our expertise allows us to quickly adapt to the IT industry, and to keep in touch with the best candidates available on the market for fields as diversified as industrial applications to medical applications.

NPOs - General Manager


Our knowledge of the governance model, the challenges and specificities related to the role, make us the best partner in the search for NPO General Manager.

Information Security


Our experience allows us to understand the complex and ever-changing field of cybersecurity, and to quickly present you candidates that match your company's needs.

Managers and Executives

Executive Search

Our executive search recruiters know how to quickly identify the best leaders from your industry and who are currently open to join your team. 

Articifial Intelligence


Our in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, and the use of cutting-edge processes and tools allow us to stay in touch with the best candidates on the market in the AI field.

Architecture and Construction


Our expertise with general contractors allows us to find candidates with experience in the fields of industrial, commercial, and institutional construction.

HR, Sales, Finance [and/or] Professionals


Take advantage of our vast network and find the candidate that will make a difference in human resources, sales and finance.

Cities – Professionals and Executives


For for over 16 years, Thorens Solutions - Executive Search has been helping cities and municipalities in Quebec and Ontario. We are able to recruit for a variety of executive and professional positions.



Take advantage of our headhunter’s expertise in recruiting engineers and project managers in various fields such as mechanical, electrical, food and industrial engineering.


Present candidates from your industry and your geographic region within 4 weeks.