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With over 16 years' experience, Thorens Solutions - Executive Search understands the challenges faced by municipalities and public sector organizations.

Get access to quality candidates faster, thanks to our targeted searches and personalized candidate approach.

Our Proven Methods and Processes are Tailored to Your Needs

Our adaptability allows us to integrate into each municipality's recruitment process and act as ambassadors for your city.

Working with Thorens Solutions means :

  • A complete turnkey service (background checks, professional references, diploma verification, psychometric profile)
  • The presentation of standardized "Thorens" profiles for each applicant
  • The possibility of proceeding by contract or by tender
  • The flexibility and speed to respond to your needs and ensure rigorous follow-ups

Diversify your Recruitment Methods

As our case studies show, we are a real added value in the recruitment of professionals and managers for the municipal sector.

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Get targeted candidates faster

Our process

Since 2007, Thorens Solutions has fined-tuned its methodology to offer a fast, proactive recruitment service.

1. Mandate Kick-off Meeting

The purpose of the mandate kick-off meeting is to define the profile of the ideal candidate and obtain all relevant details concerning your opportunity and the context of your municipality.

2. Candidate Search

After developing a strategy to target the right candidates from the very beginning, our recruiters start searching our extensive network.

3. Telephone Approach and Candidate Selection

Our recruiters prioritize telephone contacts, and take the time to assess candidates' profiles in terms of your requirements and their interest in the position. If the telephone interview is conclusive, they organize a virtual interview.

4. Complete Virtual Interview

In a virtual interview, our recruiters assess the suitability, career consistency and job stability of each candidate under consideration. They also analyze their needs and motivations to measure the compatibility of their profile with your opportunity and your city.

5. Presentation of Candidates

If the candidate confirms their interest and matches the profile we're looking for, we'll send you their resume along with a standardized information summary ("Thorens" profile) that includes: reasons for leaving their current job, reasons for ending previous employment, main skills related to the position, level of education, strengths and areas of risk, salary expectations and availability for an interview.

6. Professional References, Criminal Record Checks and Psychometric Tests

We check the candidate's professional references and any other necessary verifications, and provide you with a report summarizing the comments of the persons contacted.

7. Submitting an Offer and Hiring

You or Thorens Solutions can submit the job offer. In both cases, we follow up with the candidate to get their impressions of the offer.

8. Integration Follow-up

Three months after the candidate has joined your organization, we carry out an integration follow-up. We also follow up with you to validate the immediate superior's satisfaction with the candidate we have placed.

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