Recruitment Services

Our Approach

The first contact with the candidate is the one of the most important steps of the recruitment process. The headhunter directly represents your organization to potential candidates. For that reason, he must demonstrate high professionalism and be familiar with and understand the specificity and challenges of your business and industry in order to interest candidates in joining the recruitment process.

At Thorens Solutions, we have developed a fully personalized candidate approach, focused on understanding the motivations and needs of the individual. Before presenting your opportunity to any candidate, we first look at their current situation, what they are looking for, and what motivates them.

recruitment services

Before presenting your opportunity to a candidate, we first look at their current context, what they are looking for and what motivates them.If we see a fit between their interests and your opportunity, we present it to them in a way that highlights the distinctive elements of the position and your company in order to pique curiosity and bring them to join the recruitment process.

Our vast network is composed of candidates who trust us to find their next opportunity, because we take their motivations and needs to heart.

We know that recruitment services are an investment, which is why our aim is to present only quality candidates, with little to no risk areas, in order to ensure the quality and longevity of our placements.

Added Value

Creating a partnership with Thorens Solutions means benefitting from more than 16 years of recruitment expertise, a professional and seasoned team and a unique approach that will make your recruitment process stand out and set you apart for candidates.

Customer service commitment

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to manage the risk of hiring by making sure the application is exactly what you are looking for.

Each candidate targeted and presented by Thorens Solutions will correspond to our four quality criteria:

The candidate must come from a similar business environment, have the required skills and the desired professional experience.

We attach a particular importance to the professional level of the candidate so that he can be fulfilled over a long period of time in terms of the challenges associated with the job.

We also assess that the level, expectations and objectives related to the position correspond to the professional aspirations of the candidate.

Job stability guarantees that the skills necessary for each position in the candidate's professional curriculum have been mastered. This also gives us a measurement of:

  • The type of environment in which the candidate is most comfortable
  • Reasons that push them to change jobs
  • Their behavior in the face of challenges and adversity
  • Their ability to complete projects

Depending on the level of remote work, the distance between the workplace and the candidate's home is decisive for the candidate's long-term retention. We select candidates living within a radius of 45 km.

Why initiate a headhunting mandate with Thorens Solutions

Find quality candidates

To receive relevant candidates who have the experience and skills needed in your industry and region.

Recruit in complete confidentiality

To replace an employee still in place or to fill a strategic position with complete discretion.

Fill a position quickly

Receive applications in 2 to 4 weeks thanks to our direct and targeted approach.

Obtain more choice

You have candidates in the process but would like to compare? Our service is offered without exclusivity and the reception of CVs is free of charge.

Process Steps

Initiation of mandate with the client

Define the specific profile of the candidate you are looking for with your account manager. Our Headhunters will then begin targeted searches in our vast network.

Candidates Selection

Our preliminary contact is aimed at evaluating the candidate’s profile, their professional aspirations and their interest in the position. If the preliminary interview is successful, we organize a virtual interview.

Full Interview

In a virtual interview, our recruiters assess the relevance, consistency and job stability of each candidate considered. They also analyze their needs and motivations to measure the compatibility of their profile with your opportunity and your organization.

Presentation of applications and coordination of client’s interviews

If the candidate confirms his interest and matches the profile sought, the account manager will send you his CV and assist you in coordinating interviews at your offices.

Professional references, criminal background checks and psychometric tests

At your request, we check the candidate's professional references and provide you with a report summarizing the comments of those contacted.

In conjunction with an external service provider, we can also perform criminal background checks.

Thorens Solutions also offers MPO psychometric testing and interpretation of results by a certified analyst.

Submission of an offer and hiring

If necessary, we offer guidance and advice during the stage of the submission of the offer. Our recruiter also follows up with the candidate in order to obtain his impressions following receipt of the offer.

Integration monitoring

Three months after his first day, we do an integration follow-up with the candidate. We validate whether the position meets his expectations and whether he is satisfied with his new job and work environment.

The account manager also follows up with you to validate the immediate supervisor's satisfaction with the placed candidate.

Our commitment

Present candidates from your industry and your geographic region within 4 weeks.