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Exit Interview Grid

An employee voluntarily leaving the company is never good news! In order to improve the retention of your employees, it is crucial to conduct an exit interview to understand the reasons and motivations that led to your employee’s resignation.

How much does Recruiting really cost?

Beyond the costs of posting the job description on various dedicated platforms, the costs of recruiting quickly accumulates: operational costs, cost of a vacant position and costs of making a mistake. Download our Cost Calculator Grid for free to estimate your costs and plan your recruitment budget!

Headhunter Selection Grid

By hiring a headhunter, you are trusting them to represent your company to potential candidates. It is therefore important to use several criteria to accurately select the firm you hire. Download our headhunter selection grid.

Leader's Assessment

Whether you are questioning your management style or one of your employee's, this self-assessment will allow you to ask the right questions in order to improve leadership within your company.

How to calculate your turnover rate?

The turnover rate is an important statistic that must be calculated. It is a percentage that will give you crucial information about your company. You will then have to dig deeper into the causes of your turnover rate.

Interview Grid

Are you looking to more efficiently structure and standardize your recruitment?

Download our Interview Grid and follow our simple and uniform structure for each candidate you meet for a first interview.


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