Micro Bird

Industry type: Manufacturing

We have had the opportunity to work with them on a variety of strategic positions such as Production Director, Internal Sales Director, Product Engineers or Quality Supervisor.

Positions filled for Micro Bird

- Electrical Designer

- Prevention and OHS Advisor

- Production Manager

- Internal Sales Manager

- Product Engineer

- Manufacturing Engineer

- Mechanical Engineer

- Production Supervisor

- Quality Supervisor

We have partnered with Micro Bird for their recruitment since 2017.

Their location in the Centre-du-Québec region poses a major challenge in term of the scarcity of highly qualified workers in their particular industry. Despite these obstacles, our industries and region knowledge allow us to approach targeted candidates and interest them to their opportunities.

Production Manager

Job Description :

The Production Manager supervises all activities of the assembly line to ensure safety, quality and productivity.

Internal Sales Manager

Job Description : 

The Internal Sales Manager guides and supervises his internal sales team in order to meet the needs of the customers.

Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:

The Mechanical Engineer is responsible for the coordination/efficiency of the operations of the test area with the collaboration of his highly qualified assemblers. In a secure environment, he works, together with his internal clients, to carry out the many tasks entrusted to them, from simple to complex. With rigor, methodology and accountability, he works to define, assemble, test, measure and document the mandate entrusted.

About the company :

Synonymous with quality, Micro Bird is a company who has been specialized in the manufacturing of buses for over 50 years, in Drummondville.


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