assistant general manager


Industry type: NPO

The organization hired us to fill two positions, namely the position of Director of Recreation and Assistant General Manager.

Positions filled for the FADOQ :

- Assistant General Manager

- Recreation Director

Following a strategic planning exercise, the organization determined that it was at risk because it did not have a succession plan at the executive level. As a result, they decided to create a new program and redefine the responsibilities of the Assistant General Manager position, whose occupant was leaving for retirement.

Our role was to research the market in terms of the definition of the role and the salary range that went with it. We then presented profiles for each mandate based on the specific context of the organization, the roles and responsibilities, the business issues and the external market.

We then proceeded to headhunt by identifying and directly approaching candidates that met our client's needs. For each candidate showing interest, we proceeded to a rigorous selection process that consisted of :

  1. Preliminary discussions to establish career goals and motivations for the candidate to change jobs.
  2. Telephone interview to validate the level of interest in the opportunity and the match between the candidate's expectations and those of the client.
  3. Selection interview 1: Formal face-to-face interview with the candidate where we validate their relevance, consistency and stability.
  4. Production of our recommendations to the selection committee for each selected candidate.
  5. Support to the selection committee during client interviews 1 and 2.
  6. Completion of psychometric profiles.
  7. Professional and judicial references.
  8. Negotiation and presentation of the salary offer.

General Manager

Job Description:

The Assistant General Manager assists the General Manager in strategic matters and ensures the development and sound management of the organization. In addition to promoting the FADOQ's orientations and interests with members, partners, the public and government authorities, he is responsible for analyzing and defining key issues and trends related to members.

Recreation and Events Director

The Recreation and Events Director is responsible for the management of the Recreation and Events Department, including the management of material resources, support to local associations and the organization of events, all in accordance with budgetary and quality objectives. He plays a strategic role in providing advice and guidance in relation to his area of expertise and the management of the department.

About the company :

Based in Montreal, the FADOQ is a province-wide organization serving 550,000 members across Quebec. The network brings together and represents people aged 50 and over in order to improve and maintain their quality of life.


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