Vivre avec la Fibrose Kystique

Industry type: NPO

Thanks to our expertise, we were able to find an experienced General Manager ready to take on the challenge in this organization.

Position filled for Vivre avec la Fibrose Kystique :

General Manager

Following the departure of the Managing Director, an employee was promoted to the General Manager position by the Board but ended up not being up to the challenge. We were therefore mandated to find an experienced Managing Director to rectify the situation. The new Managing Director had to act on three axes, and in the context of COVID-19: Manage the crisis and its impacts on members (vulnerable population) and on its sources of funding (cancellation of fundraising), increase the operation budget and straighten out the organization’s management.

General Manager

Job Description:

The General Manager is responsible for the management of meetings, publications, activities, funding, communications, administration and human resources.

About the company :

Vivre avec la Fibrose Kystique’s mission is to promote and foster the quality and living conditions of people living with cystic fibrosis. It also publishes an internationally recognized journal.


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