Industry type: NPO

We found a General Manager and an IT Director for this organization, which had just merged and had a new and atypical governance model.

Positions filled for the AQTIS :

- General Manager

- IT Director

The current GM was retiring and the mandate of the new GM was to take over the operations and finalize the merger at the various administrative, operational, member services and organizational culture levels.

The Selection Committee wanted to have a turnkey solution. We therefore supported them in: defining the desired profile, the salary scale and the compensation model to be adopted, the writing of the job description, the development of the interview questions for the 3 series of interviews, the choice of the interview process, the content of the interviews, the selection tools to be used and the due diligence. We also provided them with the psychometric profiles that we analyzed for them.

With our personalized coaching, we were able to find the ideal candidate to meet the challenges of the position. Subsequently, AQTIS gave us a mandate to find an IT Director.

General Manager

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Executive Committee and in support of the President and Vice-Presidents, the General Manager is responsible for the general administration of the organization and the supervision of the various departments. She is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan while managing the changes resulting from the merger. The General Manager advises the President and Vice-Presidents on tactical and strategic issues and ensures the maintenance and development of services offered to members. She participates in the definition of the organization's strategic orientations and their  implementation.

IT Director

Job Description: 

Under the authority of and in collaboration with the Member Services and IT Department, the IT Director is responsible for the planning, coordination and follow-up of IT development and maintenance projects (Outsourcing and Web and Filemaker databases).

About the company :

AQTIS 514 AEIST is a union with 7000 members whose mission is to defend and promote the rights and socio-economic interests of its members, self-employed workers in the technical field of the stage.


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