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Data Science / AI Headhunters

For over 14 years, Thorens Solutions – Headhunters has helped SMEs and start-ups across Quebec and Ontario in the recruitment of specialized positions in Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise allows us to quickly adapt to this constantly evolving field, and to quickly be in touch with the best candidates available on the market.

AI Headhunters

Beyond the sourcing of potential candidates, our Headhunters offer personalized support, rigorous follow-ups and strategic advice on the market and pay scales in AI.

Our recruiters approach each candidate in a personalized way and emphasize on the job, the challenges and your culture rather than the salary to interest them in your opportunity.

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As AI headhunters, we regularly recruit

  • Chief Data Officer [DBO]
  • Big Data and AI advisor
  • Data architect
  • Data analyst
  • AI analyst
  • Artificial intelligence developer
  • Data scientist
  • Development director
  • AI architect
  • AI specialist

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