Business Development Director

Company name: Thorens Solutions – Headhunters
  • Activity area : Other

  • Salary : Yearly ase salary + bonus depending on experience

  • Job type : Permanent - Full time, Flexible hours, Hybrid work mode

  • City : Montreal

Company description

Our client is a consulting firm that offers unique modeling services in the energy sector for strategic decision-making at the municipal, provincial, national and global levels. They specialize in energy system optimization models and provide solutions to achieve energy and climate goals without compromising economic growth. The company is already experiencing strong growth, given the growing demand for modeling energy transition trajectories aimed at carbon neutrality (net-zero objective).

Job description

This role primarily involves business development within the private sector, and we are looking for candidates with a well-established network across North America. You will play a central role in developing the company's development strategy, pricing strategy and long-term customer relationships. Your responsibilities also include proactively seeking research and development grants, as well as developing effective Request for Proposals (RFP) strategies.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Develop projects in collaboration with the private sector.
  • Search for grant opportunities for R&D projects.
  • Screen incoming RFPs, define a decision process to bid or not and define strategies to win.
  • Participate to preparation of proposals for R&D and consulting projects.
  • Contribute to refining and implementing the Strategy (products, markets, etc.)
  • Contribute to defining pricing strategy.
  • Manage long term relationships with existing & new clients/partners.
  • Prepare marketing materials for the social medias, website, etc.
  • Identify, attend, and get invited to the most relevant conferences.
  • Enter in contests to win product or business-related prizes.
  • Identify and prioritize next staffing needs.


  • Technical background combined with a strong sense of business and marketing.
  • At least 10 years of experience with a network of strategic individuals (i.e., CEO, VP, deputy ministers, etc.) across North America.
  • English speaking to develop Canada & USA (French is an asset)
  • Able to negotiate and make the case for selling higher quality products at higher prices.
  • Hard worker, result driven and self-motivated to manage the growth of a business.
  • Self-presentation and communication skills (written and oral).

Work conditions

  • Yearly base salary & bonus depending on experience
  • Pension plan and health insurance.
  • Open to profit sharing options on the long term
  • Full time schedule, with flexible hours
  • Based in Montreal (with hybrid office/remote formula)
Note : The masculine is used to lighten the text without prejudice to the feminine form.

This offer has already been filled.