July 27 2022

How to Make a Resume? - Effective Curriculum Vitae Templates

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Are you looking for a new job and wondering if a resume is still necessary in today's labor shortage?

Even today, a resume is an important tool for making a good first impression. So the question to ask yourself is: How to make an effective resume?

In this article, you will find:

  1. The format to choose for a resume
  2. The essential elements to include in a resume
  3. Curriculum Vitae Templates to download
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What Format Should You Use for your Resume?

You should know that there are several types of Curriculum Vitae or resume. The main ones are:

The Experience-based Resume (anti-chronological):

This is the classic professional resume, listing the work experiences from the most recent to the oldest. It always includes the titles of the positions held, the names of the companies and sometimes the tasks or a description of the positions.

The Skills-based Resume:

This resume is divided by skills rather than by experience. There is usually no history of what positions were held, in what company and during what period. While this resume may be relevant for atypical profiles, it is often difficult for recruiters to read and they may be left with more questions after reading it.

The Experience-based Resume (anti-chronological) highlighting the skills:

This is the recruiter's favorite resume. Like the classic resume, it lists your experiences from most recent to oldest. But rather than listing the tasks for each position, this resume highlights your skills and accomplishments. This is the most effective type of resume.

But regardless of the type of resume you choose, it is important for it to be clear, brief, error-free and easy to read.

This means that you should only include the important details, and your resume should fit on 1-2 pages (you can go up to 3 pages if you have more than 15-20 years of experience).

The font used should be easy to read, and not too small. The appearance of your resume should be professional and the information not too condensed. Always keep in mind that a recruiter receives a lot of resumes, and therefore cannot spend 30 minutes reading yours. The goal is to grab a recruiter's attention in less than 30 seconds with your resume.

The preferred file format for your resume is PDF, so that the layout remains the same for each person opening your file. Nowadays, resumes are often analyzed by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or AI. Your resume must therefore be readable by humans, but also by machines. Jpeg or other image formats should therefore be avoided.

What Should be Included in a Resume?

The items that must absolutely be on your resume are:

Your contact information:

In order to move to the next step in the recruitment process, recruiters must be able to contact you. Therefore, it is important to include your first name, last name, phone number, email, LinkedIn profile and/or website (if you have one), the city you live in. It is not necessary to include your full address, but a city and/or zip code is very helpful.

Your experiences:

Recruiters like to see your professional background. It allows them to know if the opportunity they have to present you, or the position you are applying for, corresponds to your profile. It is therefore important to list your work experience, always from the most recent to the oldest. Prioritize the experiences that are related to the position you are applying for. Indicate the titles of your positions as well as the companies and dates during which you held the different positions.

Your skills:

Whether in a separate section or under each position, it is important to highlight your skills in your resume. Listing your tasks for each position is of little value if you do not take the opportunity to highlight your skills and accomplishments.If you include your skills in your "Work Experience" section, use active verbs, quantify your accomplishments when possible, and use keywords relevant to the position you are applying for.

Do Not Use:

Accounting Clerk - 2018 to Present
Desjardins, Quebec

  • - Perform various accounting transactions
  • - Verify and enter banking information
  • - Respond to client inquiries

Do Use:

Accounting Clerk - 2018 to Present
Desjardins, Quebec

  • - Analyze and perform over 80 accounting transactions per day autonomously
  • - Verify and enter banking information into SAGE accounting software to ensure department efficiency
  • - Respond quickly to inquiries from over 200 clients

Click here to download a list of powerful action verbs for a resume.

Software, technologies and languages skills:

In addition to skills related to the position (e.g. organizational skills, efficiency, customer relations skills, knowledge of a specific industry), it is useful to mention the technologies and languages you are proficient in. In Canada, being bilingual (English, French) is a competitive asset. Being proficient with the software used by a company could also help you stand out to your future employer.

List all the software you are familiar with (intermediate to advanced level) and that are related to the position you are seeking. Do the same thing with the languages you speak. There is no need to include languages or software that you don't know well.

Read our article on what not to put in your resume.

Curriculum Vitae Templates

Many sites offer examples of resumes to download.

Here are the best examples of resumes that we have compiled for you:

Resume Template created by Thorens Solutions

Templates to download on the Western University website

The Job Bank's resume builder

What if you don't feel like making or re-making your resume? Your LinkedIn profile, if it is well filled out, up to date and optimized, can act as your resume. See how to optimize your LinkedIn profile here. Many companies, including Thorens Solutions, use LinkedIn in their recruitment process to simplify the candidate experience.

In conclusion, a resume remains relevant throughout your career, even in a context of labor shortage.

Looking for a new career opportunity in engineering, construction, HR, sales, marketing or IT? Send us your resume!

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