August 13 2018

7 Ways to Boost Your Employability

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Nowadays, expecting to hold the same position in the same company throughout one’s career is almost Utopian. You never know when an economic crisis or company’s restructuration will strike, or when a call from a Headhunter will come shake up your plans.  We therefore need to keep our head in the game and periodically question what direction our career is taking to ensure continuity and “ employability ”, i.e. the attractiveness of our application for prospective employers.

When the time will come to look for a new opportunity, we must keep in mind what will be the key information considered by recruiters.

While reading our resume:

Career’s Stability :

Recruiters value career’s stability when looking at a candidate. Too many changes in a short time can give the impression that you’re the type of person who can’t invest time in a position or a company or that is very indecisive. Employers want to be able to bet on a candidate who wants to stay in the company for a while. Where is the stability in your CV?

Similar Positions :

If you’ve already held similar positions to the one you are applying, it’s a great indication for employers that you will be comfortable in your new position. If you’re looking to change career path, you may want to consider taking a moment to analyze and highlight your transferable skills.

Your training and education :

As you get more years of experience in your field, those will start to become more valuable than a degree. Although most employers consider replacing education for years of experience, there are positions that require specific academic training.

Transferable Skills :

They are not to be neglected, but you'll need to have good arguments to show recruiters that they have values for the position you are applying to. Anticipating and preparing your answers for recruiters is a major asset in highlighting your experience.

Knowledge :

If you had to change employers what would be the academic requirements, would you be up-to-date on any required software?

Choosing your options well :

Along the way, don't hesitate to choose your options carefully (promotions, transfers, etc.) The risk of deviating from your primary interests or of specializing too much can limit your future choices. On the other hand, generalists are more easily replaced. And between the two, there is the added value; what you can bring to an organization.

Languages :

Being fluent in more than one language also adds to your employability.

You will be confronted with these elements from the beginning of your career. For graduates, the challenge is to get the first job and demonstrate your ability to have good stability. A  good way of doing so is by getting your first job where you had your last internship or by taking a part-time job in your industry during your studies.

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