Knitting Maxime

Industry type: Manufacturing

Our headhunters have filled position such as: R&D Director, Purchasing Director, Production Director, Production Supervisor and Controller.

Positions filled for Knitting Maxime :

- Logistics Officer

- Head of the Knitting Department

- Customer Service and Logistics Advisor

- Controller

- Production Director

- Sales Director

- Maintenance Director

- R & D Lamination Director

- Production Supervisor

- USA Sales Representative

- Building Maintenance Superintendent

Experiencing strong growth for the past few years, they have partnered with us for over 7 mandates in the context of job openings for middle and senior management profiles, as well as technical position or experienced professionals.

We were looking for candidates with a turnkey profile, from the manufacturing industry with relevant experience in a similar business context and who, once part of the team, could truly make a difference from their first days of employment.

In addition to recruiting candidates through headhunting, we supported them by advising them on the typical job profiles that would meet their needs to support their strong growth, as well as on the salary scales corresponding to the targeted positions.


Job Description:

Reporting to the Director of Finance, the Controller is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, supervising and coordinating the work and responsibilities of the accounting staff.

Production Director

Job Description:

The Production Director manages all of the business unit's manufacturing activities. Its main mandate is to improve operational efficiency by influencing work methods, processes and continuous improvement initiatives.

Maintenance and Engineering Director

Job Description:

Reporting to the President, the Maintenance and Engineering Director sets up the maintenance department. He assesses needs, plans the integration of new equipment and makes sure to implement best practices in the maintenance department.

About the company :

A manufacturing company specializing in the textile industry, since its creation in 1985, Knitting Maxime has forged a strong reputation in North America for the quality of its products.


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