February 10 2021

Understand the Relationship between the Employer, the Headhunter and You

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Definition of a headhunter and other information

There has been a vacant position in your company for some time now… You tried several options to fill the position, but were unsuccessful?


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5 ways to ensure a good transition between working from home and working at the office

As an employer, you may be impatiently waiting for your employees to return to the office… But do your employees really miss physically going to the workplace? Your employees coming back to the office is unlikely to ...


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5 Reasons Why you Should Never Lie on your Resume

On dit que l’honnêteté est l’une des plus nobles des vertus. Pourtant, selon une étude menée en 2020 par ResumeLabs, 93% des participants disaient connaitre au moins une personne ayant déjà menti sur leurs CV et 36%